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Healthy travel abroad

Do not travel abroad without travel or medical insurance. Failure to take adequate precautions could cost you thousands of pounds if things go wrong during your travels. The UK embassies and consulates do not have the power to lend money. Only in the case of a local upheaval such as civil war does a High Commission have power to instigate a "contingency plan" to evacuate British nationals.

Six month world travel insurance is available to all, but the older you are the more it will cost. Here are a few companies that provide travel and health insurance for travel outside the UK. Check out travel insurance at your local Post Office first.

Atlas (020 7609 5000): 150; available to over 65s only after medical check up.
Churchill (0800 026 4050): 300, 600 for over 60s, 900 for over 70s.
Help the Aged (0800 413180): 540.
Options (0870 848 0870): 135, 365 for over 65s
(unavailable to those on medication or a history of heart, breathing or cancer problems).
Saga (01303 77111): prices according to age and medical history; no age limit.
Trailfinders (020 7938 3366): 249, 498 for over 65s; no age limit.
Worldwide Direct (0800 365121): 202, 405 for over 65s. Unavailable to over 75s.

If you know of a tried and tested site that you would like to recommend please tell us.

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