RTM or Roadside Traffic Management UK


RTM Roadside Traffic Management

A slow moving vehicle in front, a clear road beyond, frustrated drivers behind. One way to make our roads more efficient and safer would be to insist that the slow moving vehicle moves left into the next free lay-by, parking space, unoccupied "Police Vehicle Parking" place hardstanding or passing place until the faster traffic has passed, when it could rejoin the road network. This would have the effect of allowing the vehicles following to increase speed to a safe level within the speed limit and make space on the road system, thus avoiding the need to overtake. If the slow vehicle did not pull over to make way for those behind the following vehicle driver would have the right to report the registration number of that vehicle. Points would be awarded against the driver of the slow vehicle reported until a level of points had been reached that necessitated a fine to be imposed. The system to be known as RTM Roadside Traffic Management or LTM Lay-by Traffic Management.

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