BA for comment on radiation from mobile phones causing cancer


Mobile Phones
Microwave radiation given off by mobile phones and masts can affect the workings of the human brain, so says a government appointed committee in the UK. This is not the only apparatus that can give off Microwave radiation. Less obvious ones such as cars, aeroplanes, electricity power lines, radio, television and military spying installations can also give off microwave radiation. Indeed any electrical apparatus giving off electromagnetic emissions.

In the UK 20 million people use mobile phones and the number is growing rapidly. To service these mobile phones there are 20,000 mobile phone masts which have been erected and another 100,000 are planned that will subject hundreds of thousands of people to near–constant low–level radiation. What is worrying are the number of masts erected in close proximity to high densities of the population such as schools and colleges.

Research is carried out in universities and other institutions to try to find ways to control these emissions and get accurate readings of the radiation put into the atmosphere. Despite taking steps to shield the emittence within apparatus badly maintained apparatus can cause danger to life. The prime example of where a worry arises is on aeroplanes where each plane has an average of forty nine antennae to help with its navigation, weather, communications, distance tracking, radar and short wave radio apparatus, each transmitting on its own radio frequency. With marker beacons and landing systems transmitting to the aeroplane. Each radio system transmits on an FM wave band with mobile phones using 950 mHz, tv stations using 100 mHz. It is not so much the aeroplane’s own devices that cause trouble, but the apparatus emitting signals used by passengers. The use of mobile phones is now causing great concern as it interferes with the aircraft antennae. Even low levels of emissions can cause interference with other apparatus and as radio receivers work on one micro volt any leakage from another piece of apparatus will interfere with it. Personal computers will interfere with VHF marker beacons.

To try to overcome the problems EEC member states have issued directives for the manufacture of any apparatus which states that equipment should allow radio and telecommunications to function as intended. It must be immune to externally generated electromagnetic disturbances.

Think about these issues and do not allow dangerous situations to arise.

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