Beauty Parlour and Dental Chair Syndrome


Head back syndrome

Have you been to the dentist recently? Apart from the expected effects of the dental treatment have you felt different after getting up from the dental chair? Difficulty walking, driving the car or just normal everyday tasks? Did you sit in a normal upright position whilst you were receiving treatment or were you lowered so that your head tilted backwards?

Evidence is emerging that people suffering from high blood pressure can suffer a mini-stroke after having their head tilted backwards. The result has become known as Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome and has resulted in death after the head has been tilted back over a basin in the Beauty Parlour. Dr Michael Weintraub, a neurologist at New York Medical college has described how women who have visited hairdressers had suffered mini-strokes. He warned that vertebral arteries could be damaged, or blood flow to the brain could be restricted if the neck was bent back too severely during hairwashing. Violent movement of the head during shampooing could also be dangerous. Other actions like tilting the head back whilst using a computer screen, whilst wearing varifocal or bifocal lenses, painting a ceiling or even star gazing could be others. In theory any action that calls for the head to be tilted backwards could be potentially dangerous.

Any action that calls for the the head to be tilted backwards should be taken with caution and avoided if possible. People should always be asked or ask themselves before they undertake any action that involves tilting the head back; if they have any medical problems such as high blood pressure or trouble with their neck or back or before any action that involves tilting the head backwards is taken.

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