Double Glazing emergency fire escape UK


Double Glazing emergency fire escape

Can you get out of your house by way of your installed Double Glazing in case of fire?

Does it conform with the requirement in Building Regulations B1 - Means of Escape in fire?

All windows to habitable rooms (but not kitchens, utility rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, wc's or shower rooms) at floors above ground level are required to be suitable for escape in fire. In addition, rooms at ground floor level whose only escape route is via another room must be provided with suitable escape windows.


A suitable escape window is defined as "a window whose unobstructed openable area is at least 0.33m² (.39467yd²).". At least 450mm (17¾") wide and 735mm (29") high or 450mm (17¾") high and 735mm (29") wide. The minimum opening aera should be 450mm (17¾"). The bottom of the openable area should be no more than 1100mm (43") and no less than 800mm (31½") above the floor. Any key required to open the window should be readily available.".

Is your Double glazing safe? You should check. Be safe.

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