Managing the new age.

Organising your time is a start to stress management. Make a list of things to do that are within the time span available. Remember, there will always be extras that will arise throughout the day that have not been budgeted for, so try to leave space in your diary for the day. Try to allocate time spans for each task and break each task up into smaller objectives.

Do not juggle paper, this includes e-mail and faxes. Read it and act on it at once and make space. Answer letters on the day that they arrive, unless they need other people's input, when they should be answered within ten days. Continue to make space as the day goes by.

Do not leave decisions, make them as they arrive and do not be afraid to change your mind if you think that an earlier decision was right at the time, but is now not what is needed. Do not dwell on past decisions, the past has gone, you live in the present. The old maxim, one thing at a time, should be followed and complete each task before going on to the next.

You will find that you enjoy doing different things at different times of the day, so recognise this and organise your day accordingly; this maxim can be extended to the week as a whole. Deal with correspondence in order of importance, this includes telephoning, e-mails and faxes. Keep everything short and to the point whether it be writing reports, agendas for work, or meeting people, but avoid appearing uncaring.

Always find parts of the day where you find time to use your mind in a different way to what it is normally used; for instance, if you think all day and are making decisions, do something completely different such as manual work and vice versa. Remember, it is never too early to begin a hobby.

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