Prostrate Cancer

Do not wait, act.

10,000 men die each year in the United Kingdom from Prostrate Cancer. This is a wake up call to all men to act if they experience any of the signs and symptoms associated with the disease. Make an appointment to see your doctor if you experience anything from the following list. A blood test called a PSA test is the first move that your doctor will take. You will then be informed of the results of the test and if necessary an appointment will be made to discuss the implications and the next move.

  • Having to rush to the toilet to pass urine.

  • Passing urine more often or at night.

  • Difficulty starting the flow of urine.

  • Starting and stopping when passing urine.

  • Feeling of not having fully emptied the bladder.

  • Dribbling of urine.

  • Blood in the urine or semen.

  • Pain or stiffness in back, hips or pelvis.

  • History of Prostrate cancer in your family.

    Do not delay. Be safe not sorry.

    Hope this information has been of help.
    Keep watching for more information and help.

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