BA fun page answers



Here are the answers to the questions.

1. The chemical symbol Ag stands for silver.

2. Victor Hugo wrote the book "Les Miserables". He was born 1802 and died 1885.

3. The Tenniel illustrations for the book "Alice in Wonderland" show Alice wearing her long hair tied back in a ribbon, which is now called an Alice Band.

4. A vegetable has no legs.

5. The archer's name is Sagittarius.

6. Synonyms:

a. neatness
b. obtain
c. riches
d. stop
e. end
f. spiteful
g. guide
h. assist
i. conceal
j. select

7. Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton.

8. A plum was 100,000

9. You always leave your footsteps behind.

10. The binary number for 100 is 1100100.

11. The Mach Number at 1.979.34 miles per hour is Mach 3.

Hope you got them right.