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Your house and its contents are at risk of vandalism or burglary if you are away on holiday or business, leaving the house empty. Pets also have to be catered for by leaving them with friends or putting them into kennels, and what about the plants that have to be watered.

Thieves and vandals are very quick to notice the tell tale signs that a house is unoccupied, such as leaving the curtains open or closed at unusual times, or newspapers sticking out of the letterbox. Even the fact that you tell someone that you are going away may come to the notice of the wrong person.

To put people's minds at rest several agencies have now begun a housesitting service. The service matches housesitters with homeowners and ensures that someone is in the house for most of the time that the owners are away.

As well as the obvious advantages of such a service, several insurance companies offer discounts on their home contents policies if a recognised housesitting agency is used.

Housesitters are very rigorously screened for their suitability, and their background is thoroughly checked before they are allowed to take on the responsibility of looking after someone else's house and belongings. The housesitters are generally between 40 and 68 years of age and will have provided professional references going back many years and undergone a long interview to find their particular skills and suitability.

So if you are worried about leaving your house and pets why not contact a registered housesitting agency to put your mind at rest.

For more information contact House Sitters, Buckland Wharf, Buckland, Aylesbury, Buckinhamshire, HP22 5LQ, England, telephone 01296 630730 Fax 01296 631555.

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