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The Real Thing

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Pretentious nonsense

When you go to the theatre how do you know that what you are going to see is worth while going to see. You have the flyer from the theatre and the Theatre company giving you the sales spiel and depending on how well it has been written you make a decision. It does not stop there for it costs to get to the theatre and of course it is taking a slice of your life's time. Having said all that what about this play. Well you will have heard of the writer someone called Tom Stoppard, who has written a few things which people have said were good, now have they said this because they have not understood them and did not want to admit it or were they intellectually stimulating? Now we come to tonight's offering.

The title will hook you "The Real Thing", you will think I have been there. So you pay your money and travel to the venue for an evening out. Not like evenings at the theatre used to be like, that was an event, you dressed up and made an evening of it. You arrive and take your seat.

This play was originally put on in 1972 so it must be good. It is a play within a play. Now that works if the director, in this case Kate Turner, is able to compartmentalise the scenes and the writer was able to unscramble his brains to give a clear plot to tell the story. You then need some help from the cast who in most cases do their best with what they are given.

Now here the play was unscrambled. Delivery and diction were lacking at times and coupled with the writing and direction you begin to wonder what it was all about. This is what several people thought and went home confused as to what Tom Stoppard was trying to say and if those involved had any idea either. Now I am not going to explain as it would take the detection out of the evening if you decide to take a chance.

At the end the audience stood and applauded as if they felt it was expected of them, but what they will remember tomorrow that has anything to do with the sentiment of "The Real Thing" is for them to say. The grey set may sum up the evening.

What a pity it was not like "the real thing". BA ©

“The Rell Thing” is at the West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds on the 4th May 2011 until the 28th May, 2012. Box Office Telephone: 0113 213 7700. Ticket prices: Adults A £17 B £22 C £27. Discounts off £3 of A and B Monday to Friday. Previews and Matees £17 Schools £11 Ask about ticket price concessions for children, students, pensioners and disabilitiy. Starting at 7.30pm Council car parking charge was free from 5.30pm until 10pm, unless it is suspended.

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