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The Swan Theatre

A celebration of quality.

Where do you go to see Shakespeare at its best? Answer, the Swan theatre, Stratford upon Avon. No, it’s not just because you would expect that to be the place, it’s because that's where it’s happening. The latest offering by the Royal Shakespeare company of Coriolanus is pure quality.


Richard Cordery as the senator Menenius

David Farr directs and involves everyone in the action; the audience are engulfed in the action as the actors make their entrances from the back of the auditorium or is it the Senate house? The story is of two warring tribes in Italy 500 years BC. We see a superb performance by Greg Hicks as Caius Martius who later becomes Coriolanus by reason of his victory of his rival Tullus Aufidius, admirably played by Chuk Iwuji, leader of the Volscians in the town of Corioli. Intrigue and doublecross then engulf the senators, tribunes and towns people to give the audience a feast of an evening as the two tribes go about their warring. Easy to follow, the plot is made even more enjoyable by the actors whose diction makes every syllable distinct and a pleasure to listen to, something becoming rare in the theatre of today. Richard Cordery as the senator Menenius is particularly enjoyable to watch and listen to as he fills the stage with his presence and gives the audience merciless mirth as he draws everything he can from his part.

Do not miss this opportunity to see Shakespeare performed at its best. The audience gave their appreciation when all was concluded and there was no more to say. Fine speeches. Brilliant. © BA.

“Coriolanus” is in repertory at Stratford from the 25th of November, 2002 until the 25th of January, 2003.

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