THEATRE She Stoops To Conquer by Northern broadsides at Stephen Joseph theatre reviews Scarborough

She Stoops To Conquer

The Round
Stephen Joseph Theatre

Women in charge

Northern Broadsides have their own way of doing things and Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer fits very well into this analysis. Here the director Conrad Nelson gives the structure and the players do the rest. We have drama, comedy, dance all held together with with Jessica Worrall's design of costume and set. Making it work or not is left to tho cast who seize the task in both hands.

The story that has survived over the years is something that men have always known, but thy try not to let the ladies know that they do. Who is in control. Here we have a wealthy countryman Mr. Hardcastle (Howard Chadwick) who arranges for his daughter Kate (Hannah Edwards) to met a young wealthy Londoner Marlow (Oliver Gomm) hopping the pair will like each other and marry. Unfortunately the the man is uncomfortable in the company of high class ladies. Kate realizes this and presents herself as lower class and wins the day with the man not knowing what is happening. A cast of eighteen work hard to bring this play to life.

The theatre goer will have to make their own mind up about their evening entertainment. In this production they showed it with their applause at the conclusion. What will yours be? © BA

“She Stoops To Conquer#148; is at the Round, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from the 21st October to the 27th of October, 2014. Box Office Telephone: 01723 370541. Ticket prices: Adults £10 - £24.50. The lift should be working at least 15 minutes before the curtain rises.

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