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Pied Pipers

Musical Theatre Club

From the begining

The Pied Piper Musical Theatre Club all came about in 1951 when a small group of ex pupils of The Cambridge and County High School for Boys situated in Hills Road, Cambridge, England had decided to write and perform a theatre revue subsiquently performed on the 1st of March, 1951 at the County School, Hills Road, Cambridge. Those ex pupils were Terry Hawes composer and musical director, Terry Wallar who wrote sketches, lyrics and librettoes and Rex Freeman came in as a director.

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1951 to 2001

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1951 Over the Hills

1952 The Gogs go Gay

1953 Camorama

1957 Fiddlers Three

1958 Songs of Subtopia

1959 Just for the Record

1960 Nuts in May

1965 Fiddlers Three

1965 Sweeney Todd

1966 Sweeney Todd

1967 Free as Air

1967 Kiss me Kate

1968 Oliver!

1969 My Fair Lady

1970 Three one-act plays

1970 How to Succeeed

1971 Half a Sixpence

1972 The Music Man

1973 Fiddler on the Roof

1974 Kismet

1975 Kiss me Kate

1976 Sweeeney Todd

1976 Pickwick

1977 Oliver!

1977 Silver Collection

1978 Anne of Green Gables

1978 Wizard of Oz

1979 The King and I

1979 The Card

1980 Camelot

1981 Hello Dolly

1981 Fiddler on the Roof

1982 Carousel

1983 Side by Side with G&G

1983 My Fair Lady

1984 Sweeney Todd

1985 Hans Andersen

1986 Half a Sixpence

1987 Guys and Dolls

1988 Annie Get your Gun

1989 Sound of Muisic

1990 Oliver

1991 South Pacific

1993 Kiss me Kate

1993 May Fair Lady

1994 Pleasures at the Pentagon

1994 The Music Man

1995 Pied Pipers' Pearls

1995 Fiddler on the Roof

1996 All for your Delight

1996 A Christmas Carol

1997 Me and my Girl

1997 Showbiz One

1998 Barnum

1999 Show Biz Two

1999 Half a Sixpence

2000 Oliver!

2001 Pure Gold

2201 Me and my Girl

2002 New beginings

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