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Cloud Nine

Crucible Theatre

One or the Other

Cloud Nine is one of the plays to be included in the Caryl Churchill season at the Crucible Theatre.

As I entered the auditorium I was taken aback by the magnificent set, composed of a tree which appears to grow from below the stage, recreating a tree house designed by Jonathan Fensom. The play is directed skilfully by Anna Mackmin, making full use of this distinct and intricate set during two fairly different acts.

The first Act is set approximately a century ago with the Colonel and his aristocratic family living in Africa. It demonstrates the different sexual inclinations and attitudes within a very small group of people of different hierarchy and status. Act Two jumps into the 1970's back in England, showing how the same people living in a different era are better accepted by others and themselves.

The cast performed convincing parts as some took on contrasting roles and different gender roles between Acts, portraying a deeper symbolism between gender and sexual orientation. Special credit is due to Daniel Evans who played the Colonel's wife, his interpretation is both powerful and preposterous; also to Paul Ritter who played the Colonel in Act One and a baby girl in Act Two, which delivered a hysterical outcome. This was assisted with a high standard of costumes by K and D Ltd., The shoemaker.

In all, Cloud Nine achieves a thought provoking yet hilarious evening. © SG

“Cloud Nine” is at the Crucible Sheffield from the 2nd to the 19th of June, 2004.

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