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Time of My Life

The Round
Stephen Joseph Theatre

Such is life

Take three marriages, take them to a the birthday party of one of the participants mix and you have an Alan Ayckbourn play. The only thing then is to sit back and enjoy until the end comes, then it is the real decision time and you question wether your confidence was justified. Well with "Time of my Life" from 1992 it was. It had not aged or if it has it has matured with age as all the topics are as relevant now as they were then. You have to be perceptive to capture all that is going on around you and Ayckbourn can do that and has done that for years. Lucky Scarborough, lucky world.

He has a knack of choosing the right players to bring his characters to life and show what is really going on around the public at large. Here we have the characters around whom the play revolves Gerry played by John Bramwell and his wife Laura, who's birthday party it is, played by Sarah Parks, coping with the family and foreign waiters. We have Rachel Caffrey playing Maureen, Richard Stacey playing Glyn, Emilly Pithon as Stephanie, James Powell as Adam, and Ben Porter's glorious array of waiters. This is a team and what a team all equally bringing pleasure to the audience. Behind the scenes we have of course the Director knowing exactly what should be happening, when and of course getting it right every time and his name Allan Ayckbourn. With the stage set throughout the designer Jan Bee Brown got it just right as to did Trigger Johnson's lighting.

This all adds up to the sort of evening you deserve at the theatre and they know how to do it at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and have been doing it for a long time and it looks as though they are going to continues to do it for many mere years to come. Savor and enjoy. © BA

“Time of My Life” is at the Round, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from the 6th June to the 29th of 4th October, 2013. Box Office Telephone: 01723 370541. Tickets prices from £10 - £24.50.

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