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The Round
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What now ?

What this play is all about will be lost if you make your way to your seat via the theatre lift, for you will have bypassed the bar and missed the Roundelay balls ! The programme will not help because you will probably not have read the relevant explanation article until you get home after the performance.

Roundelay will comfront you with five plays with random, seemingly just related, story lines, so it is up to you, the audience, to interpret these confrontations as your mind allows. So make of the evenings stage events what you will, but I am sure each of you will leave the theatre with their own interpretation of what you have experienced.

This is Ayckbourn up to it again. It gets worse with age as with all of us, trying to fathom out what life is all about and how to interpret it. This is Alan Ayckbourn's way of doing it.

The the plays have a few problems, not least the dialogue and its delivery by some of some of the actors. In the end it comes down to techniques and audience age, for clear diction helps as you age and your hearing fades.

The stage crew steal the show for the audience with their scene changes for the actors Russell Dixon, Nigel Hastings, Krystle Hylton, Brooke Kinsella,Alexanda Mathie, Sophie Roberts, Richard Stacey and Leigh Symonds. You will all have your favorites as you will with what each play means most to you.

So what was the evening all about? Five vaguely related incidents with different principal characters relive their stories

What the writer has been playing with during the five plays is the audiences interpretation of what he has written and how their age has allowed them to interpret it. There is an intriguing phrase in the play briefly summed up as "You get out of show business if you are not getting anywhere or get thrown out". Enjoy. © BA

“Roundelay” is at the Round, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from the 4th September to the 4th of October, 2014. Box Office Telephone: 01723 370541. Tickets prices from £10 - £24.50.

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