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The Round
Stephen Joseph Theatre

Mayhem and confusion

Ayckbourn gets all the ingredients right focusing on situations that are highly exaggerated and improbable leading to incomprehensibility where the plot is concerned leaving the audience to become lost as the plot ensues. Here we have two short plays “The Kidderminster Affair and Chloë with Love” that are linked by two couples their lives thrown together and muddled up resulting in all the needs for a farce.

A well rehearsed cast made up of Elizabeth Boeg as Penny, Terrence Booth playing Teddy, Sarah Stanley being Lottie and Wall Carry Reggie taking on Kim steer the story through its twists and turns to what must be a conclusion. They are aided by the in house writer and director Alan Ayckbourn with his usual experience and foresight.

So what of the affairs? If you see them together in one evening you will get the as much of the complete picture as a farce will allow, but if you view then separately with lunch and never see the other play it will leave you confused Yes, they work, however you may wonder if you got satisfaction. © BA

“Farcicals” is at the Round, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from the 29th August to the 4th of October, 2013. Box Office Telephone: 01723 370541. Tickets prices from £10 - £17.50.

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