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Absurd Person Singular

The Round
Stephen Joseph Theatre

Funny name that!

A challenge for the set designer, but uncomfortable if you happen to be sitting in the front row of the Stephen Joseph theatre in Scarborough to watch Alan Ackbourn's play Absurd Person Singular. Now you start thinking about the title, whilst the stage crew show their metal during the scene changes and there are two intervals needed in order to change the setting to one of three kitchens. Now that is not all you where Ackbourn's mind is focused during the plot of this play. Indeed it is where any households heart is centered, and over Christmas.

What is it all about. Well the disasters that take place over Christmas are many and varied and these three households are no exception. Should I spoil the play by spilling the beans and letting the cat out of the bag? No what is the point of a recommendation to have a splendid evening out if you all ready know all about what you going to see. Lots of reviewers will make copy doing this whilst here you just hear that you should just make every effort to see this play.

Here we have three families the Hopcrofts, the Jacsons and Bewster-Wrights who all have very different in food, life style and housing, but the same circumstances come about with some variation in all. The Hopcroft's consist of Jane, played by Laura Doddington, and Sidney, played by Ben Porter. The Jackson's with Jane, played by Ayesha Antoine and Geoffrey, played by Richard Stacey. Then the Brewster-Whight's with Ronald played by Bill Champion and Marion, played by Sarah Parks. As with Alan Ackbourn directing we get a first class production and that goes for the quality of the acting. Savor and enjoy it.

The audience showed their appreciation at the end and as they left the theatre their conversations were nothing but appreciative. Worth spending the many on the petrol or train fair to see the experience at the theatre. Oh yes, that set designer was Michael Holt. © BA

“Absurd Person Singular” is at the Round, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from the 8th June to the 13th of October, 2012. Box Office Telephone: 01723 370541. Tickets prices from £10 - £24.50.

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