Car Reconditioned Engine


Save money

Could you afford to buy a new car in the present economic climate or indeed do you need to buy one? Look at the one you have and ask yourself, “do I like it, is the body work sound, does everything work as I would want it to?”. When the answer is yes, then why bother. Next look at and listen to the engine and If the engine is showing signs of age and wear then why not fit a remanufactured engine for a lot less cost than a new car.

Next look round for a garage with mechanics who have fitted an engine before, not just tinkered with the periferal of what is under the bonnet. Recommendations should be sought from satisfied customers. Then approach the garage and ask how much it would cost to fit a remanufactured engine from a well known company such as Ivor Searle Ltd. of Soham and how long it will take. Depending on how old your car is will reflect on the engine to cost ratio. If it is the same, ask yourself how long you think your car will last and how long the remanufactured engine will last. Remember classic cars still have their engines re-bored and piston rings fitted and their crankshaft-grinding as no other engines are available. Fifty years ago this would have been normal practice, not to discard your car and buy a new one. After all, today you will be contributing to a reduction in global pollution, as a new car will not have to be produced.

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